ECOBUST™ is made of a safe, non-toxic powdered mixture of natural minerals that, when mixed with water and poured into pre-drilled holes, will expand at a force of over 20,000 psi allowing it to break any rock or concrete. There is no dust, noise, vibration, flying rock, fumes, or any other environmental disturbance associated with ECOBUST™.  Because of this and its ease of use, ECOBUST™ is an alternative to blasting explosives, jack-hammering, and other conventional methods of demolition.  The end result is a biodegradable powder that can be simply washed away, thus reducing pollution and waste.

Uses for Ecobust

  • Demolition of Reinforced Concrete, Foundations for Machinery, Piers, Bridges, Beams, Retaining Walls, & Pillars
  • Reinforced Concrete Cutting & Partial Demolition of Concrete
  • Excavation of Rock, Breaking Boulders, & Rock Trenching
  • Slab & Road Breaking for Road Expansion
  • Marble & Granite Quarrying
  • Any Construction Project Requiring Controlled Demolition & Reduction of Waste
  • Any Construction Project Requiring Demolition Near Schools, Hospitals, Petrochemical Sites, Airports & Residential Areas where Noise & Environmental Safety are a Concern

Key Product Features

Increases safety and productivity

Reduces labor costs, pollution, and removal time

Safe, environmentally friendly and gentle

Non-explosive, non-impact, and non-flammable

Does not require special training, licensing, or equipment

No transportation restrictions

Clean, efficient and cost effective

May be used in areas that prohibit explosive use and are inaccessible to heavy equipment

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