Surface Sealer

Surface Sealer is a high performance coating made with premium acrylic polymers designed for long-lasting durability.  It will bond to nearly any substrate such as concrete, wood, metal, tile, and plastic, making it an extremely versatile cleaning and sealing agent.  Surface Sealer provides a solution for a multitude of maintenance problems that plague common structures and surfaces, preventing deterioration over time. This product contains an EPA regulated microbicide for the purpose of resisting the growth of algae and fungi on the coating.

Uses for Surface Sealer

  • Any Industrial, Commercial & Residential Hard Surfaces that Need Cleaning & Protection from the Elements
  • Attics, Roofs, & Siding
  • Interior Gardens
  • Aquatic Centers, Gyms, & Spa Facilities
  • Shower Enclosures & Bathrooms
  • Caulking & Grout Applications
  • Buildings with Moisture Concerns

Key Product Features

Low VOC’s and resistant to UV rays

Reduces deterioration

Enhances preservation of substrate or surface

Strengthens sealed materials

Prevents staining and water damage

Non-flammable, odorless, and safe to use

Easy to apply and does not require consistent reapplication

Manufactured under strict quality control standards to ensure high quality and purity

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