Our line of penetrating sealers and stabilizers offer maximum moisture protection and material preservation.


From every day household cleaning and maintenance to heavy duty bio-hazard spills, oil staining, and disaster remediation.


Achieve dry, chemical free, disinfection with Far-UV technology.

Concrete Repair

Cementitious patch and overlay products that will limit failure and add superior strength to concrete.

Our Commitment

AQUA Tite® is dedicated to providing advanced, long-lasting, technological solutions that face our world today. Our powerful products are environmentally safe, reliable and cost effective. With an unprecedented commitment to quality, AQUA Tite® offers an array of simple methods to improve the integrity of residential, commercial, and industrial infrastructure.

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News Updates

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Product Spotlight: F.O.G.

THE answer to heavy-duty cleaning problems in food manufacturing facilities- F.O.G. is a multi-strain bacterial solution specifically formulated to degrade Fat, Oil, and Grease in drain lines, […]